Tuesday, February 20, 2024

February isn't a horrible month

Jus sittin here, pluggin away at my list. 

Got a few things done (this list is for September) (the person, not the month) (and me). I doubt anyone else cares. Well. Probably my mom. 

Goals for 2024

Comment left on Altoid's Website:

1Paint 50 rocks
2Paint 50 watercolour cards Made 20 Valentine's Cards
3Empty last 3 moving boxes
4See dentist about crowns Appointment is this Friday
5Buy three more trees for deck
6Get eyes checked Done. Prescription glasses (progressives!) purchased. I am officially old.
7Learn how to make ham and pea soup with Kim
8Learn how to make goulash soup with Val
9Blog: Klassen family trek from UK to CAN
10Plan 2 craft nights this Winter Did a painting afternoon with Donna. Another one with Kim. That counts. 
11Plan 3 craft nights in the Spring
12Plan 3 craft nights in the summer
13Download wall Pilates or indoor walking app
14Buy a headboard/frame for my bed
15Buy a rug for my living room
16Plan a trip with kids for 2025
17If I haven’t used outdoor gas fireplace in the next year; sell it
18Sign up for three free months of Apple TV Will do this on March 1
19Discontinue Shaw cable Done. Now I have to mail in the equipment
20Get curtains hemmed Washed them; they shrunk. Still need to be hemmed. And ironed.
21Physio? For hip and shoulder? Deal with it
22Keep blood sugar at 6.5 through 2024
23Keep cholesterol at 2.5 through 2024
24Lose 5 pounds
25Lose another 5 pounds
26Lose a different 5 pounds
27Read 25 novels this year
28Read 6 Business/Management/Self-help books in 2024
29Buy 100 more ducks. Print messages on bottom. Hide/place They arrived on Friday. 
30Eat a green thing everyday Broccoli. Peas. CucumberSo far, so good. 
31Window blinds to be cleaned at condo Three windows done. Two to go.
32Buy new screens for lake house
33Blog highlights of Italy 2023
34Blog highlights of Portugal 2023
35Blog first 6 posts re: 60+ Wisdom
36Get Britbox subscription
37Read through the Bible in one year
38Go to six local/BC scenic spots I’ve never been
39Learn to make Veggie Beef (barley) soup with Wendy
40Buy a new bra if goal of losing 15 pounds is met
41Meet with a counsellor as many times as it takes Two appointments so far
42Splurge on feet; monthly pedicures/foot massages Pedi in Feb done
43Research hot beverages. Find one I enjoy for social situations I really don't like hot drinks. Not going to do this one. 
44Make borscht with Clint
45Make buttazup with Julie
46Learn iPhone 15 Pro photography tips from Terry
47Give Yoga a try
48Get moles removed
49Write an article (?)
50Reorganize hall closet at condo
51Reorganize spare bedroom closet. Get rid of stuff I haven’t used/touched since I moved in
52Repot indoor plants Done
53Buy a case of Coppertone 8 Just checked Amazon. They don't carry anything less than SPF 30.
54Celebrate being cancer-free on Aug 1 (Five years since diagnosis.) (Maybe a good day to buy a new bra?)
55Finalize project with Sandra
56Learn how to bake a pie with Shelly
57Make a batch of stew with Maxine
58Join Andrea on a sunrise photoshoot Did one on my own. From my deck. Breathtaking. Then I went back to bed. 
59Write letters to Compassion kids; two letters for each child
60Become acquainted with the businesses in my village Visited the other coffee shop and the optometrist. And the little grocer who sells chocolate bars, milk and butter.
61Get together with Vern. MB or BC
62Visit 5 new-to-me parks
63Join Northview
64Plan a reading weekend for winter 2024 Done
65Plan a crafting weekend for fall 2024
66Clean out storage locker Done. Today. When I made room for my Christmas Tree
67Hang 2 more pics in condo
68Wear earrings 
69Attend Hymn Sing 4 times in 2024 Went in Feb. Planning to go again in March
70Use up Audibles points then cancel subscription
71Listen to one book per month Sigh. Haven't listened to anything so far...
72Replace filter in closet. Ask M to help. Again. Clean closet first Next week
73Transfer from Telus to Koodo Done. Saving $55 per month
7420,000 steps per week Feb
7520,000 steps per week March
7625,000 steps per week April
7725,000 steps per week May
7830,000 steps per week June
7930,000 steps per week July
8030,000 steps per week August
81Sign up for iCloud Done. 
82Learn how to do something with hair besides putting it in a pony tail
83Get married in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator providing the background music wearing a light green linen dress and tan coloured flip flops
84Attend a concert of a new-to-me band
85Get Mitzi detailed and replace windshield. 
86Download new game on phone Pikmin Bloom
87BayDays. Apparently these need to be a part of my life
88Drive a scooter through the hills of Tuscany at sunset 
89Go to another Formula One Grand Prix
90Visit relatives in Germany
91Do a cooking day with Heather
92Make up next year’s To Do list while slathered in Coppertone on a pool deck in Hawaii
93Go back to posting Three Things I’m Thankful For at least 3 times a week Argh. THIS should be easy...
94Discover something healthy to become addicted to
95Stick my toes into a body of water that is not the Pacific Ocean or Cultus Lake
96Write to the Altoids people and thank them for the new strawberry flavor Done
97Start using an electronic/phone calendar
98Finish sending Christmas 2023 cards Only one left to send
99Get excited about something new. Not pickleball. Or beets. Maybe birdwatching? Or piano bar sing a longs?
100Get rid of Delta Ceramcoat paints that are ugly colours Tonight's project while watching Season 7 of Bones


This is Mark (above) ... 

His last day at work will be this Friday (insert crying face). He is the eleventy-ith millionth person to leave in the past 10 months and my heart is just. so. sad. 

He has an incredible new gig coming up so my brain is very very happy for him. 

Argh. I am bad at goodbyes and endings. Why can't everything just stay the same forever? Waaaaahhhh. Mark, Rolf and Steve were the godfathers of focus. Or something. The Three Muskateers? Three Billy Goats Gruff? Three Blind Mice? 
They brought their A-Game to every work event. They were the guys who laughed, prayed, encouraged, led. Mark is the last one to move on. The second floor will be never be the same.

And this is Jon: (another second-floor dweller)

He was The Guy who managed all our donor communications, and I was The Gal who made sure his twenty thousand piece mailings got to press on time. His attention to detail was off-the-charts CRAZY impressive. We were a good team because he knew everything and more. He was my go-to person for any and all questions; he understood Canada Post, could interpret 14-page quotes, studied and learned everything about mail packages, letter content, best practices, font choices, insertion order, PMS colour choices... so knowledgeable. 

I had the utmost confidence in his wisdom; he knew his stuff. 
And he supported, encouraged and taught me so much about MY job over the years. This guy? A prayer warrior; so many messages from him, just letting me know he was praying for me. 

His last day was in early January.
SO many goodbyes. 


Moving on. 

Pictorial evidence on Things Gettin Done.

Repotted plants:

Christmas Tree is boxed and put away til Nov 15-ish. 

Everything that needs to be in there, is in there. 
This is what a storage locker looks like if you're a condo-dweller:


Interesting factoid? 
Today, the fourth friend who has come to visit me, had an accident in (or almost in) my parking garage. Damage to vehicles has been substantial on them all. 


Books I've read this year:

None were a waste of time. 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who hang out. 

2. Days with no rain. 

3. Daryl has started treatment. Jim finally has a CT scan appointment. Our health system needs prayer and an overhaul. But thankful things are moving forward.

Thanks for popping in.
Feel your boobs, hug your kids, eat a salad.

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