Thursday, April 18, 2024

Gonna Be FAMOUS!

 This space? 

This furniture?

These curtains? 

Is (are?) going to be the setting for Natalie's new apartment in the upcoming movie "Autumn Gift" (a Hallmark production). (Also, apparently, my bed and bathroom will have scenes as well. WHUUUT?)

Insert ten million exclamation marks. 


Who would've thought my tiny condo would be 'perfect' for a movie set? NOT ME.

Who would've thought the Hallmark people would be EXCITED about my decorating/style? ABSOLUTELY NOT ME. 

This whole experience has been such an unexpected gift. It's been a rough winter (I've been on an unpaid leave from work since early January) and my self confidence (amongst other things) has taken a hit. Having a dozen people come through my door and exclaim (sounding surprised) "Oh! This? Is LOVELY! So bright!" "This is exactly what we're looking for!" "I LOVE YOUR CONDO." (Earlier today the production designer came through with his team, and while they were measuring up, he said, "I told my wife about your place. I am so jealous of what you've got here. The space, the deck, the layout ... everything. Just beautiful.")

D'ya remember that Sally Field Oscar acceptance speech where she said, "You like me?! You really, really like me!?" Haha. That's how I felt by the time the third group came through my humble abode. "Seriously? You really really like my place?" :) 

Yeah, I know; they need to say nice things to the me if they want to rent my rooms. They probably say it to every potential property owner. But they'd looked at a lot of condos before they got to mine and they all seemed sincere in their excitement once they walked through the door. 

Overhearing a bunch of men (strangers) talk excitedly about my twig table, or weird metal bar, or the built-in cabinets ... well doesn't that just feel like buttercream icing on a chocolate fudge cupcake. (Who'm I kidding? It's like icing on a dozen cupcakes. Fresh, soft, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes.) 

What makes this all so, so lovely, is that it well and truly is a gift. The location scout was looking for a condo lobby for some scenes and happened to ask our property manager if she had any empty suites or large suites suitable for filming. She said, "Jane's is the best one in the entire village." (Insert incredulous face emoji here. The property manager has never been inside my suite. But I've given her Easter and Christmas treats...) (Never underestimate the power of a good cookie.) 

So far I've met 8 people on the production team from the director to the set designer. A couple more professionals will be by on Monday. AND ANOTHER 18 TECH GUYS WILL BE HERE ON WEDNESDAY. I am stupidly excited and grateful and wish I could hide in a closet while they're shooting in mid-May. 

Anyway, the $ will come in handy (thank you, Jesus) and the kind words are the sound track my brain is listening to this afternoon displacing negative thoughts that were taking up too much space. PLUS the sun is shining. And I've managed to cross a few more items off my 101 Things to Do This Year Master List. All in all, a most excellent day. 

Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. I am thankful for the whole bloomin entertainment industry, not just the bits of it that'll be crowded into my suite. I've watched more TV these past 3 months than I have in the previous 3 years. (Apple TV for the win.) Grateful for writers, directors, producers, actors, set designers, location scouts and art department guys who wander around the countryside in April picking up bags and bags (40 of them to be exact) of last year's fallen leaves to use when filming an Autumn scene in May. I love everything about this process. So thankful for the glimpses into it I've received lately. (Unrelated to Hallmark gig but still related to the whole Entertainment Industry Thing is the opportunity I had recently to view a yet-to-be-released British independent short film about hockey. And CTE.  Humbled, honored, privileged to be trusted with the chance to see the director's cut. Praying for/supporting the young production team who're arranging funding and the actor who'll bring the story to our screens.) 

2. Also thankful for friends in my life. HOLY HANNAH BANANA. I won the lottery. (The friendship lottery.) (It's a thing.) SO much love and concern and homemade soup dumped over me lately. (Not literally, re: soup). If you haven't started yet, I'd recommend you get working on growing that circle of friends you're gonna need. Life is hard, yo. You need your people to hold you up when circumstances batter your brain. 

3. My fam. They're pretty awesome. Also, oranges. And peach pie. And hearty plants that just keep growing regardless of your knowledge on how to keep them alive. And book clubs. And GREEN LEAVES ON TREES FINALLY. And cherry blossoms. And the energy to write a blog post. 

Thanks for reading.

Feel your boobs, tell your guy to find out his PSA numbers, have a cookie. 


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