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Wisdom: Marg

Marg and I go WAY back; we met in the 1900's during that gracious era before cilantro and smart phones. 

We both attended a small neighbourhood church in Fraser Heights which met weekly in the local school gym; the perfect gathering space for a congregation of mostly young families. Her husband was on the leadership team, mine was one of the sound guys. I'm pretty sure it never rained, everyone was always happy and our kids were impeccably behaved. Foggy memories; all of them golden. 

And then. 

Her two sisters both died of cancer. Two of her husband's brothers died of heart issues. Then her husband got cancer. Then she got cancer. Then my husband left. And the church closed. 

As is usual, everyone scattered, like leaves in the wind, finding new churches to attend.

I eventually landed in Murrayville, Marg and her fam settled into North Langley. 

Friendships don't 'just happen'... if proximity is no longer a factor (and it wasn't. We didn't live in the same 'hood, nor did we attend the same church), an effort must be made. Without discussing it, I guess we decided our friendship was worth it, because for the past 20 years, at least once a month we get together with our third amigo (Patty) for dinner, lots of talking, sometimes a bit of crying, often a movie, and always a commitment to pray for each other. 

Marg has battled cancer like a fierce woman warrior as long as I've known her, slaying diagnosis's, scans, treatments, tests, dragons and The Waiting with her Princess Xena sword and prayer. She is one of the strongest, most resilient, most prayerful, most positive, most joy-filled women I know. She refers to her husband, Rudy, (high school sweetheart) as The Keeper of Her Heart. Theirs is a love story for the ages. 

I'm excited for you to 'meet' her and join me in being awed by the way she's lived her life so far:

What would you tell your younger self, if anything?

This is a hard one, as I love the life I've chosen. I have, though, wondered at times, who I am other than 'the wife of' and 'the mother of' ...I guess I lacked the confidence in believing in myself.

Maybe I would tell my younger self to go back to school and pursue a career? But maybe not. I'm a different person now than I was back then.

What brings your meaning to your life these days?

 The fact that I'm simply waking up brings meaning! I start my day by asking myself, what can I do today? Who can I encourage? Who can I help? How can I practice self-love/self healing? What is God saying to me? How can I show respect towards those who's views differ from mine? How can I show compassion with a gentle heart? 

Who has mentored or inspired you?

My dad. He was always kind, always gentle. He was wise and he showed me love. I've inherited his sense of humour and strong work ethic. 

What're you looking forward to?

Getting old. 

Falling even more in love with my husband. 

Having a closer relationship with my grown kids. 

Dancing at all my grandchildren's weddings. 

Going on vacations with friends. 

What's the best things about your current age?

Most of time - no peer pressure. Being confident in my own skin. 

Learning new things; what is God teaching me now? 

What's your greatest fear?

People pleasing... sometimes it consumes me. 

Three most important bits of wisdom you're learned so far?

1. Power of forgiveness, especially in terms of my childhood.

2. Knowing I am loved by The One who created me.

3. Understanding that worry does not change the outcome of my circumstances. 

Any life-changing events? What'd you learn from them?

I've had a LIFETIME of those! I'm a survivor by God's grace. He fills me with joy to accept every aspect of my journey so far. 

Thoughts on beauty?

Sure. Work at it. There is no magic wand; it takes effort. That said, if you can learn to accept the way you are and be satisfied by how uniquely the Creator made you, then I think one's beauty will be contagious and shine through for others to see. 


Book - Love Does by Bob Goff

TV Show - Law and Order

Song - All of Me by John Legend

City - Vancouver (born and raised)

Quote - "It's a kind word from a gentle person with an impossible prayer" B. Goff

Activity - Traveling

Surprising Moment - Ballroom dance class with my husband

Flower - Orchid

Snack - Good quality chocolate

Christmas Memory - The Christmas we tried to surprise our kids with a cruise, and we got surprised by the arrival of another grandchild instead. We didn't get to experience the cruise, but it was fun planning it. 

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