Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Women with Wisdom

So I had this idea during the summer of 2023. It was inspired by the project Katie had undertaken a few months prior regarding her Beauty over 40 Photoshoot. It was a fundraising initiative to celebrate aging and make money for the Surrey Women's Centre. (Katie is a professional photographer and the daughter of my friend, Marg.)

I responded to her Facebook post:

I am looking for 40 women, aged 40+ that want to CELEBRATE the beauty that comes with aging, AND help raise money for a great cause at the same time!

There is a Jamie Lee Curtis quote that I love. She says “The word ‘anti-aging’ has to be struck. I am PRO-aging. I want to age with intelligence, and grace, and dignity, and verve, and energy.”
At a time when mainstream media is obsessed with youth as the standard of beauty I would like to smash down that pre-conceived notion and celebrate the beauty of women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond! For some of you, being the model in your own photo shoot might take a whole lot of bravery. I know I personally have struggled with allowing myself to be the one in front of the camera, but I can tell you, it really is an empowering thing to be photographed as “just me.”

I signed up for a portrait session, had my hair and face did up all fancy-like by hair and face professionals, answered some questions about beauty and decided I really like false eyelashes. 


SO THAT got me thinking ... not so much about BEAUTY but about wisdom. In particular, the collective smarts that people my age (and older) have accumuated due to our advanced years. We've lived through some things and learnt a bit along the way. And maybe some youngin's (women who haven't chalked up as many rotations around the sun) could benefit from our learnings? 

I'll be interviewing the friends in my life over the next year, asking them a series of questions, then posting their answers here. On Pixnprose. I'm excited about this series. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who are (going to be) enthused about answering my invasive, probing questions. :)


3. Hallmark's decision to film in my suite! They're beginning on Friday! Autumn's Gift ... watch for it this fall. 

4. Friend who did a 'bestie' photoshoot with me...


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