Friday, November 5, 2004

I am so thankful we are not a country at war. I can't imagine giving an 18 year old a gun and an enemy. Cried through the Remembrance Day Assembly at our elementary school today. Drew played a hymn on the ukelele. Posted by Hello

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JSY said...

You know, I am ALSO very glad that this is not a country at war, and I am so grateful that I married "one of your people" so that I am allowed to be in this country while my country is at war. I may have been born in America, but my heart is sad when I turn on the television and see that swath of red and the patches of blue resulting from last week's election--the country is soooo divided and there is soooo much anger -- and Georgie Peorgie is gonna run my country into the ground. All I can do is sit and watch because no one wants to hear from an ex-patriate who chickened out and left America and her worries behind. I DID vote, but I'm sickened by the images in Iraq, sad for the troops that are there under false pretenses, sad for the women and children who are victimized because the country lacks even the basic social services and security forces, sad for the future generations of Americans who will be saddled with the LARGEST DEFICIT in the history of the country...but even more than that, I'm grateful beyond comprehension that I live in a place that is free enough that I can type these words without fear of being pulled from my house at gunpoint later tonight, where I can go to the market and buy milk and eggs and bread (as long as there is money in the bank!), and where I can make money working from the comfort of my own home and know that I may not get rich doing it, but my young children will have their mom somewhere in the house. God Save Canada. And thank you for letting me be here. Tomorrow is our Remembrance Day assembly -- Yaunna is singing with the choir...I will let you know how many tissues I manage to get through.