Saturday, January 21, 2006

With the amount of driving I did on Thursday, I could've been half way to San Fransisco.

After a few months of exchanging verbs and nouns over the internet, we decided to meet for coffee on Thursday at 4:15 in Abby.
I was nervous.
Wore myself out thinking about awkward moments, disappointment, and dashed expectations. On the half hour drive to the coffee shop my eyelids became so heavy I was fought to keep them open. I was having one of those rare days when, if I had gone home after work, I likely would have done a face plant into the couch and slept til the crink in my neck woke me up. The fatigue, combined with gravity, was dragging my face downwards. My face felt drippy. Like it was falling off my scalp. Always a good look to sport when meeting someone for the first time.

Our time together was lovely.
Rayyych is a bubbly beautiful Bible school student at the local college and one of her instructors suggested we get together and talk about writing.
And talk we did. About God, school, boyfriends (hers, not mine), kids (mine, not hers), families, jobs and blogs. Two hours zipped by.

After I dropped her off for her evening class, I decided to go to the mall.
My boobs had been sitting on my stomach during our time together, and I'd had enough. Time to lift and separate those puppies.
Yay. Melting face and all, I was going to shop for a bra.
I was on the freeway, heading west, yawning and rethinking my big evening plan when my phone rang.
"Jane, are you doing anything tonight?"
"Not really. These sagging puppies can droop and sway another day."
"Never mind. What's up?"
"Uh. Could we meet?"
"Sure... what'd you have in mind?"
"To talk? And maybe see a movie?"

Flight Plan...
Oh my goodness. A real effective way to get one's adrenaline refired. Saggy boobs, drippy face and a heart that was beating a kadrillion times per second.

I got home at 10:00 pm a little rung out.
By 10:15 pm I was back in the driver's seat, heading to the Vancouver airport, keeping Clint company.
We got there at 11:15. He welcomed Madison home at 11:30. Then she drove home with her dad while Clint drove home with me.

We got home at 12:45 am. My jowls hanging lower than my chins which were resting on my chest. My chest was resting on my stomach and my stomach was resting on my thighs.
I thought that if I could just stretch out and lie on my back in bed, all my various wandering body parts would rearrange themselves as they returned to their original Divinely-designed locations.
I was wrong.
Everything just flopped down the sides.

Drifting off, I had a conversation with myself -

"Attention Jane's body. Turbulence ahead. This is your captain speaking. Please return to your seats and make sure everything is locked and in an upright postition. No more wandering off visiting body parts on the levels below you. It's unbecoming. This is not simply a warning. Don't make me buy a girdle. It won't be pretty if you continue to be uncooperative in this matter...."

Some days the line between fantasy and reality is blurry.

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