Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Book # 13

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The Book Club at work. First meeting is tomorrow at lunchtime. I should get going on the assigned reading. Haven't started yet.

2. No rain this afternoon. Got another patch of garden weeded. I've noticed that in my neighbourhood the yard work falls onto the man of the house. I'm the only woman hauling dirt, pruning branches and fretting over dirty gutters. I've pointed this out to the three young men I live with...they remain unconcerned.

3. Daylight Savings is right around the corner. Longer days. More sunlight.


1 comment:

shelaine said...

what? a book club at work? like Arrow? Really!?!?! now why didn't things like that start when I was around!???

hehe...... sounds cool though. whatcha reading?