Sunday, December 17, 2006

"I Hate Christmas Music"

I said to myself as I turned on the radio in my truck. "I hope they're not playing carols already."
And literally, the very second that I had that thought, an upbeat happy Christmas song came on that I LOVED. (Or lurved as they kids nowadays say.)
Of course the DJ did not say who the recording artist was so I took a wild guess and downloaded the only Barenaked Ladies Christmas song available on Ares.
Again, I loved it so much, that I spend the better part of the weekend looking for their Christmas CD. I checked all the stores in Langley on Saturday. And today I drove out to Surrey. Got the last copy at the HMV in Guildford.

And guess what.
That song I heard on the radio? It's the only good one on their 20 song CD. They have all these filler songs, with no vocals. Just organ music.
Organ music.
Sounds like some organ sales guy in the mall playing Christmas tunes with his right hand and pressing drum beat feature buttons with the other hand with a look of "see here how easy it is to have a big band sound with a few buttons and one finger playing..."

Maybe you had to be alive in the '60's to know what I'm talking about.

If I knew how to insert a music file right here, I would. And you could hear for yourself the awesomeness of Sarah Mc and the Barenaked Ladies singing a Christmas Medley.

And I'd put another music file right here so you could hear the organ sales guy (or the hockey arena organ guy) play Rudolf.

Alas, this is not an interactive blog. Sad, no?


Christine Lindsay said...

I like that one song by the Bare-Naked ladies -- something about lovers on the run or was that bum lovers of the past????

ramblin'andie said...

Lovers in a Dangerous Time? Me and Chadya used to blare that when we were pulling our all-nighters at CCC. Good times. Good to know that BNL CD isn't all sung songs. I'd looked at buying it...