Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sunny Thursday

My neighbour was out warming up his truck when I was taking close up photos of my grass.
Frozen trampoline.
Looks like me and my boys just might be taking a 36 hour road trip down the California Baja to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico this summer.
Lord willing, if all goes well, we'll be joining about 30 other adventure seekers from our church to build a couple of houses for some families currently living in cardboard boxes.
Concerns I have?
- 10 days with no private personal space
- toilets that cannot flush toilet paper. (After wiping, the paper is to be put in a garbage can.)
- no chocolate?
- being reliant on Stoney Creek Expedtions for food and transportation. Weird not to be in charge.

The village we'll be going to is about 4 hours south of the US/Mexico border. Will I be able to handle the poverty?

On a completely different note, and I mean COMPLETELY, our Spring Break plans got changed. The house we thought we had rented didn't work out.
So we found this one instead.
It'll do.

Did anyone watch the Office tonight? Let's talk.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The oh so glorious sunshine.
2. Sue who made me feel like my presence on the Mexico trip was going to make a difference.
3. The opportunity to make memories with my kids.

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