Friday, February 2, 2007

Youth Nite

I took the Pre-Hi's (grade 6 and 7's) out to Castle Fun Park tonight. First we played a game of golf ...

Then while the guys used tokens to win coupons to buy candy, the girls went go-carting.

Afterwards we went to Timmy's for donuts.

"Not epic, but fun." Drew said afterwards.

Meanwhile, the rest of the youth (grades 8 - 12) were at the barn having an art doodle-disney movie-lego night. I stopped in on my way back from Abbotsford to drop off a box of Timbits. And take pictures.

The doodling was so much fun, a bunch of them came back here to continue. There are 1/2 dozen guys at my kichen table, visiting, eating pizza, and setting out crayons, paints, oil pastels and felt pens.
One of the 16 years olds pointed out the funky glass container I have in the centre of the table to one of the others, "See that? Bouncy balls. Great centerpiece, eh?"
It surprised me that another one noticed the three black and white 5 x 7 photographs I had recently framed of my boys. He called one of the others over, "Look at these. Professional looking."
I had no idea they looked my house over so thoroughly. Kind of scary, actually.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. On the way over to our place, Adam's car connected with a large heavy item in the middle of the road. It caused a bit of damage. I'm thankful he wasn't hurt.
2. By the time he got to our house, the car was acting weird and leaking something. So all the guys went out to stand around and be guys. Clint got a flashlight, lay down under the front end and checked things over more closely. He dipped his finger into the bright green fluid that was puddling on the road and tasted it. Noting it's sweet flavor he determined it was alkolide based, (not acidic) and therefore was probably coolant. I'm thankful that he (who has no training, education or interest in auto mechanics) has an uncle who passed along this nugget of info when they worked together last year.
3. I'm thankful that even though my parenting style (or, more specifically, lack thereof) was mocked today, they are turning out OK. I love that this house has overflowed with teens this week.


raych said...

(don't laugh) i kind of want to have most bits of your life when i grow up. maybe not the divorced part. but the really-cool-funloving-mom part, and the three-awesome-sons part, and the always-doing-something-fun-usually-involving-teenagers part, and the large-and-comfortably-beautiful-house part, and the winning-sense-of-humor part, and the mad-crushes-on-tvandmovie-personalities part (jack bauer? yum. jim? obviously. warrick from csi: las vegas? purrrrr.), and the motivation-and-inspiration-of-young-minds (ie. mine) part, and the ability to (mostly) not eat chocolate for 100 days part. and lots of other parts. pretty much, i think you are the cat's meow.

Jane said...

Um, Raych? Your comment made me cry. Thanks for that. Love having a drippy face.