Monday, February 5, 2007

Monday night. The kids are with their dad tonight. And I am going to stay home and clean. With a smile on my face.

I will not go out.
No. I won't.
This house needs some love. And I'm going remain here and love it til it shines and giggles. (Written at 7 pm)
(11:15 pm)
I just got back.
Did you know that if you're still at Starbucks a half hour before it closes they bring around free munchies? They cut up whatever baked goods they have left, put it in little dixie cups and bring samples to your table.
Very cool.
We talked for 3 hours because I just can't seem to get enough talking in these days. We discussed everything except world peace, global warming and Britney's new boyfriend. I shared with her the hourly struggle I'm having with chocolate and how I don't think that 100 days without it is going to 'break me' of my dependence on it.
Hi, I'm Jane and I'm a chocoholic. There must be support groups for people like me. Or am I special? Is there anyone else in the world that thinks "Hey, a chocolate bar would go good with that." (That being, a magazine, a book, a glass of water, a red light, a commercial break, a nap, a phone conversation, a walk...)

I wonder if there's a patch I could wear on my hip that would take the craving away.
In all likelihood I'd need a lobotomy. A partial one at least. They'd need to remove that part of my brain that thinks.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. While I was out, Clint did a couple loads of laundry. And emptied the dishwasher. And burned Drew's homework project onto a DVD for him.
2. God is still in the business of making miracles happen.
3. A cool house at bedtime.



My Thots said...

Hi my name is Lynne, and I'm a chocoholic. It goes good with salty stuff, fizzy stuff, and many, many other things. Keep up the good work Jane. I know I couldn't go 100 days without chocolate.

raych said...

there's something about chocolate at the right moment (which, i'll admit, is fairly often) that makes you feel like everything is right with the world. really. and there are moments when i'll eat white chocolate (which i loathe) or old advent calender chocolate, or chocolate chips straight, just because i NEED that fix. this is something men will never understand.