Monday, March 26, 2007

Watch this:


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness me and joy are soooo excited!! our whole family has become obsessed (even my dad will watch sometimes!) since my friend burned me all the episodes. i'm guessing you can't wait too.. haha:)
yay for the office!

JSY said...


I'm putting this on the calendar RIGHT now. I never get to watch Thursday night TV anymore (due to class--it would just FIGURE that my group would meet on Grey's Anatomy and Office nights...hmmph), but I will be DAMNED sure this one gets taped. *sniff, sniff* They won't kill Jim off, will they? I can't imagine the writers would do that...would they? I LOVE JIM! I'm making a T-shirt: SAVE JIM. Want one?

Thanks, Janey-O...