Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I think my desktop computer is virused up now too.

And my laptop? Still a sick little puppy.

Here is what I wrote when I got home last night:


I was the lucky one tonight.

I got to bring my dad a strawberry milkshake. He's been asking for one, hourly it seems, since Saturday. And this evening, when I got to the hospital at 7:50 - (long day, it was the earliest I could get there...) I went straight to the nurse's station and said, "Hi. I'm Pete Klassen's daughter. And I know that when I walk into his room, he's going to ask me if he can have a milkshake. Is there any chance I can get him a small, kid-sized one?"

After they conferred and said it would be OK, I zipped down to the parkade, told the parking attendant I'd be right back, drove over to the local DQ, got the shake, drove back to the hospital, parked at the far end of the south lot, ran to the elevator, got back up to the third floor and surprised him at 7:58 with a strawberry shake.

I held the straw to his lips and he sucked back a third of it in one long gulp, then rested his head on the pillow and sighed.

"Good?" I asked.
"Hmm," he nodded.

Mentally he was far more alert than he was yesterday or the day before. But physically? He isn't even stable enough to walk to the bathroom.

Thus far, all his test results indicate that he's fine. Nothing wrong.

Clint and I went for a walk after I got back from the hospital, and we both agree this is definitely a case for House. Oh, that dad of mine. Never one to do things the easy way.

I vote we give all nurses pay increases. Holey Schmoley, I love those women. So gentle, so kind. So professional, so respectful.

Watching dad's nurse tonight as she cared for him and reassured him that she was happy to do so, brought tears to my eyes. I left the hospital fully confident that he was getting the best care. The best.

Even though visiting hours are officially over at 8:00, I stayed a little longer, letting him take sips from his shake every 5 minutes or so. By 8:20 he was done, and ready to go to sleep. He was tired from all the testing he'd endured during the day.

If you're not sick n tired of praying for me and my family, he is today's list:
1. That someone in that hospital will figger out what's going on with my ol man.
2. That he would feel safe, cared for and at peace while he's there.
3. That mom would have the courage, strength and patience to carry on while dad is sick.
4. That Jul and I would have the energy to keep things going in our own homes as well as meet the needs of our parents.

Thanks, internet.

Other than that, not much is happening around here. I do, however, have a real strong desire to see Tristan and Isolde soon. :) Maybe Friday night? Anyone want to come over and watch it with me?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My laptop is back. The virus that infected it made a mess of things. I think I might have to send it and my desktop PC back over to Daryl for a clean sweep of things. What do you do when your computer's not functioning?

2. I mentioned I went for a walk with Clint this evening, didn't I? Well, it was good. I'm thankful he doesn't mind walking with me.

3. Max is in a cleaning mood. Mark down this date. We will celebrate it every year. Unfortunately the object of his cleaning affection is his computer keyboard. He's taking each key off and dusting it thoroughly.


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Shannon said...


If I could get to where ever you're going to watch the movie for whatever time you're watching it, I would come. But I think I live too far away. *sad face*

Enjoy it for me anyway!