Wednesday, May 6, 2009

See this?

I had a cleaning lady inside my house when I left for work this morning.
Before I drove away she asked for a ladder as she wanted to clean things up high. A ladder. To clean things way up there.

Do you know how awesome that is? Very.
And then, outside my house? There were 2 college-aged guys pressure washing. The entire house. (Prepping it for the paint job that will happen next month.)

It's a "feel-good" feeling to have folks do nice things to your home while you're away for the day.

Know what this is?

Can you guess?

It's heavy and a little bit dirty and cumbersome and thick.

And tomorrow, Shannon and I will be cutting 650 2" x 2" pieces out of it.

(Part of a fundraising campaign at work)

Did you guess?

It's a sail. From one of these two ships.

These tall sailing ships belong to the Sailing And Life Training Society ( ) and they gave them to me for free. Check out their website it you have a minute. What a fabulous ministry. Wonder which one of my kids I can convince to go?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Soft heels (really. If you want Kathleen's contact info, let me know. NO ONE does pedicures like her.)

2. A fun day tomorrow. Yay for sharp scissors and a friend at work.

3. Yee haw. I won 10 games of Scrabble in 10 days. (I lost one too, but still 10!)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was hoping it was a bouncy castle - an ugly one albeit, but still! Bouncy castles = fun!