Saturday, June 13, 2009

This has been one of those days.

"Those days" = one of the very few times I wish I drank. For if I did, I'd be getting hammered right abouts now.

Today at work I conducted two over-the-phone interviews and was supposed to record them. It worked yesterday, but today? Not so much. All those spoken words lost forever. Frustrating.

When I got home from work (after dropping some boys over there, then picking up their stuff from over here, then going to the post office for that), it was after 4. My plan was to relax in the back yard for 20 minutes and read about Brad and Angelina in the latest People magazine, then spend a laid-back hour showering and getting ready for tonight's girl's night out.

Instead Clint called (see below) and I spent the next hour trying to get ahold of a passport officer. In the end I found a passport office that advertised on the internet that it was open on Friday nights til 8. (But these offices do not have telephones.) No way a person can actually talk to a live human being on the phone. One must (MUST) present oneself to an office in person.

So I wrote out the address for Clint and encouraged him to get down there (we have 10 working days to sort this out if we start the ball rolling today) as soon as possible. Then I rushed to get ready, and ended up being late for dinner because Drew didn't come home in time, and then I dropped him and his friends off at my mom's (at the northern most edge of Surrey, hidden behind roads that were closed off tonight due to a country fair) then tried to get to White Rock (at the most southern spot in Surrey) to meet Sandra, Terry and Denise. Of course parking was horrific, so I drove up and down the strip looking for a spot to open up. I was very late for dinner.

When I called him from the restaraunt at 9 to find out what he'd been told at the passport office, I was informed, "Yeah. I didn't go."

Really. I need a valium. Or something to take the edge off, because truly? I'm a little agitated today.

When I got home 'round midnight, I drove up to a house with the front door not shut, the TV on, the sliding door (from the kitchen to the back yard WIDE open) and the lights all on. Oh, and no one was home.

I called Clint, as he was the last one to leave, and he just hung up on me.

So I downloaded the 115 photos I'd taken in the past 3 days, including the ones I took tonight. The ones where I asked a stranger to take a few of me (gasp) and my friends together overlooking the pier at White Rock.

I downloaded them to a My Pictures file, labeled June 09 - White Rock - and checked the 'delete after downloading' option.

And seconds after the last photo was deleted from the memory card, my computer did that thing where the screen goes completely black. It took a few minutes to restart it and when I did I went straight to the June 09 - White Rock file which was totally empty. And my memory card is empty too. All those pics? Gone.

Honestly. I just want to have this feeling in my stomach to go away. Things at work have made me edgy. Things at home have definitely made me tense. Things regarding our upcoming vacation have made me frustrated. And this thing with my laptop? Tickin me right off.

Enough already. The longer I stay awake the more disappointed I am in how things are turning out. I'm going to bed.


Trev said...

I felt my blood's "boiling point" increasing rapidly as I read this post. I'm so sorry about your crappy day Jane. Is there a close friend or relative you could have come along in Clint's stead?

Jane said...

Nah. Last year Max couldn't join us after I had booked his flights so it was just Clint, Drew and I in Montreal.

Turned out fine.
Great even.
Just not what I had planned...

valerie said...

If you start drinking, where does that leave me?