Friday, March 12, 2010


My sis called me tonight and we talked about our cousins.
We have two girl cousins that are getting married for the first time this year. She hasn't seen either of them in, probably, 20 years. In fact, I think that in total, we've probably seen our European cousins about a dozen times in our lives; our prairie cousins about two dozen times and our island cousins about the same. (Once a year during our growing up years and very sporadically after that.)

There are days when I think I came from a close family and there are days like today, when I wonder what fantasy world I live in.

Last February I flew out to Manitoba and reconnected with Ellie, my dad's twin sister's oldest child. (She'd just had twins. Maybe you remember me blogging about that?)

It's her younger sister, Naomi who recently got engaged. 
Ellie and I are now facebook friends, and she posted this pic today:
(Circa early '70's)

Left to right:
Ellie. Julie. Naomi on my knee. Me wearing a t-shirt my mom bought for me in Gastown from a street vendor with a huge marijuana leaf on the front. Ruth (my cousin from Germany, now living in London. Hmmm. I'm going to England... :)) In front of Ruth is Danny (Ellie and Naomi's brother). The boy in the back is my brother, Jim. And on the grass in front of him is Tim. (Another German cousin, Ruth's younger brother.) Taking the photo is John, the oldest of all the cousins - he's Ruth and Tim's brother.

Circumstances, distance, age differences and life in general have kept us apart. Facebook is bringing some of us closer together.

Oh how I love facebook.

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