Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Away

Three friends and I spent the weekend at my parent's cabin. See that weeping willow tree (above)? This is what it looked like in October. There was a mad pruner on the loose at Lindell... It looks like a Dr. Suess tree now. This is what the deck looks like with the railing and posts gone:

This is what it looked like in the summer of '06.
It was nice on Saturday afternoon, so we went for a walk.
Maybe I should say "we went for a waddle."

Sun was shining.
Flowers were blooming.
It was quite nice.

Rose is two months post op: she had her knee replaced. (Hence the two canes. And 4 jackets. Apparently she hasn't warmed up since she was in the hospital.) (The same cannot be said for me. I wore a tank top all weekend.)

More evidence of the crazed pruner:

This, my friends, is a goose fence. The Canada Geese love to swoop into our end of the lake, between the docks, paddle around for exercise and food then mosey up onto the shore to shake out their tail feathers and poop. And poop. And POOP. So the Lindell Beach residents erected this temporary chicken wire fence (2 feet high) along the entire shoreline and WHADDAYA know? It works! I watched 2 geese walk up onto the shore, look confused at the fence, turn around and get back into the water, then fly away. Hahahahaha. They totally coulda flewed right over that fence, but they never looked up to see how it was. They never looked up.

Twas a beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

Another tree got scalped. And a new cabin is going up - right beside ours. Right on the beach.
The times, they are achanging.

Near the end of our walk, it started to sprinkle and one of us was very concerned about her hair. So the one with all the layers to fight against the cold, offered her the use of her scarf:

We ate well. Lots of cheese and vegies and fancy flatbreads and crackers and fruit.

Home made scones and fruit crepes with whipped cream.

Creativeness abounded.

And one of us who has troubles staying on top of papers brought one year`s worth of mail and receipts and paperwork to sort out. 

We needed two vans to bring all our stuff. Twelve boxes of crafting supplies, (and all that paper) plus food, bedding, and electronics.
There wasn't an empty surface in the building.

And then? In the evenings? We'd watch movies.
Well. I watched movies. Most everyone else fell asleep on the couches. They were snuggled under blankets, in their pajamas, with the fireplace going - completely at peace. So I watched movies and listened to them snore. It was exactly what we all needed.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The cabin. And friends. And good food. And the used book store in Sardis. And movies.
2. Facebook chats with Clint at 3 am. Email chats with Drew this evening.
3. Another week filled with fun things. But mostly I'm thankful that Drew's coming home on Saturday.


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Tricia said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.