Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Despite my Best Intentions -

 - to be cheerful and happy and positive and productive today - I ended up being grumpy.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Days are all only 24 hours long. They will end.
2. I have friends who also spend their evenings doing work that they don't have time to do during the day. And it's especially nice when they bring their files and paperwork here and keep me company at my kitchen table while I label, stamp, fold, sort and write.
3. Tomorrow is a new day. Surely my computer will work, my connection to the server will be restored and no new items will creep onto my to-do list.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane - since living in Switerland, I have adapted and adopted several advent traditions! We always make a big deal about a advent's wreath with four candles, which are lit one at a time as each weekend passes before Christmas. I love this tradition - it's simple. Traditions don't have to be complex, pompous or even formal - they can be small things we do unique to our families that celebrate being together. : )

Love to you! Barbara Nigg (used to be Pitzel!)