Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Employment History

My job history is not much more exciting than my vehicular history: When I was 22 I bought a Camero. When I was 34 and pregnant with my third child, we needed a car with more seatbelts so we got an Intrepid. After he left, I found I always had extra kids around, so I bought his 7 passenger Durango when I was 40. Now? At age 50? I'm driving an Escape.
Four vehicles in (almost) forty years.

My jobs?
About the same... Four full-time (big-girl) jobs in (roughly) forty years.
In grade 10, I took a course called "Job Prep" which forced allowed me the opportunity to work at the Hobby Hut to gain one week of experience. When I turned 16, they told me they had an opening in case I was interested in macrame jute and wiggly eyes. I worked there part time through grades 11 and 12 and three summers.

After that? My uncle, the night-time supervisor in the Vancouver Sun's circulation department told me they had an opening in case I was interested. I was. I worked part time, answering complaint calls regarding poor service while going to BCIT for two years and three summers.

After I graduated (magna cum laude) with a Marketing Management diploma, I challenged the Real Estate exam and passed. I joined my mom at Wolstencroft Realty selling houses for two years.

The owner of one of the cabinet manufacturers that my dad did countertop work for asked him if he knew anyone who could manage his office. Dad suggested I apply. Next thing I knew, I was bossing around some cabinet salesmen and installers.

I took a few months off after I had Clint, and by the time he was 4 months old, my mom and I opened Billie's Country. Where I had so much fun. I got to hang out with the world's most creative people every single day. My main role was to schedule craft classes (thousands of them) and make sure we had teachers to teach and supplies to sell. Yup. Yup. Yup. Such great memories.

The market shifted when big box stores moved into our neighbourhood and our demographic moved on. So with sadness we closed shop, around the same time as dad's health was declining, my marriage was ending and our church was closing.

I was picking Drew up from a birthday party a short time after that, and mentioned to one of the other moms (Lori Johnson) that I was looking for work. She suggested BEVO Greenhouses, as they had a new "mom shift" for working mothers: Mon - Fri  9:00 am - 2:30 pm. I applied. Got hired. And worked for one (backbreaking) season.

As my season at Bevo was ending, I (boldly) asked the owners if they'd be interested in donating some bedding plants towards a fundraiser I was organizing. The proceeds were going towards a grade 9 fieldtrip to Europe. Unexpectedly and generously, they sent over, like, $5000 worth of plants.

The fundraiser was a huge success. Coincidentally, Brenda Pue attended the next Europe fundraising planning meeting (her son Jon was going on the trip) and in the course of our conversation after the meeting, I mentioned that I was looking for work. She said that Arrow needed a fundraiser, I should apply. So I did. And I got hired.

When I started, I was working with a bunch of recent University grads. For them, Arrow was a stepping stone job. I told them they were nuts. This? This was a fantastic work environment! Why would they leave? Me? I was staying forever. "I am a lifer," I told those kids. And my kids. "This is my last job. I'm not moving from my desk here in this office.'

Ha. I was wrong. I guess God has other plans for me in these golden years of my life...
It has been a great ride; seven years of growing, learning, being challenged, making new friends and having fun. But economic realities have led to downsizing and restructuring -  and my last day at Arrow will be the first of May.

The reason I just posted my employment history? Is to illustrate that EVERY SINGLE JOB I've ever had was the result of someone telling me they knew of an opening. So. I'm very open to/desperate for suggestions, ideas, job opportunities and requests for my resume.

And if I can't find a job by the end of the year, I'll look for a husband.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This is all in God's hands. He has a plan. And it's a good one.
2.  Hung out with my dad again tonight. He reminds me of a surly teenager these days... no eye contact. No conversation. Growly about the food. He too, is in God's hands, who has a plan for dad's life. It too, is a good one.
3. Facebook. I am thankful for facebook. I love that we can use it as a means to share prayer requests and words of encouragement. I'm thinking especially of Jessica right now... and how easy it is to connect with other believers who are praying for her as well.



Diane said...

If you end up going the husband route can you see if you can find one with a slightly younger available brother?

Anonymous said...

wow, more changes happening in your life. Seems like we are always called to change...Der Herr sie mit dee...as my dad would say to Rudy everyday as he walked out the door to work..the Lord be with you ...my friend Jane.
Love, Marg