Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh? Was there a hockey game this evening?

I wasn't paying attention.
There was a book club meeting at my house.
Waaaay more funner.

We chatted at length about this book:

which we all loved. 

"The Book" is a 500 year old Jewish treasure and "the People" are those random individuals who protected it over the years. This novel contains the stories of those people. All very fascinating.

And it got me thinking about other things that are 500 years old. And the people who have touched/used/saved/passed along those things. They all have stories too. 

And that got me thinking about the things in my life. Will any of them still be around in 500 years? Have I contributed to the story/mystery of that thing at all? 

Do we even make things with the intent of having them last for future generations? 
How about a family Bible? A great big one, that sits on a table by itself? One that has the family tree written in it? One where families record births and deaths? Does anyone have one? How old is it? Why don't we do that anymore? 


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The tiny team still at Arrow. I am so going to miss them. I love those people. 
2. Friends who like talking about books. LOVE that we have a daughter and a daughter-in-law hanging out with us as well. 
3. Writers. 


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