Monday, May 7, 2012

Ten Things On My Mind

I don't really know if I have 10 things on my mind. I just guessed. Let's see how this goes. I may have to adjust the title based on content below.

1. I am sneezing. Over and over again. (Drew has been sick with a cold for the past 3 days and I have caught it.) Head ache is just arriving and body ache is close behind. I have stocked up on colds meds, Cold FX and yes, I will be taking Oil of Oregano. I hate colds. 

2. I am leaving in 12 hours for a retreat on the Sunshine Coast. I have a feeling I will be blowing my nose and whimpering the entire time. I haven't started packing, but my laundry is done. And the kitchen is clean. And the yard looks good. And my truck is full of gas. (Well it was when I gave it to Drew this afternoon.) So there's that. I will get it together eventually.

3. I am a bit of a freakazoid and am worried that maybe I won't hear from God clearly enough to understand what my next moves are supposed to be. And I'm also worried that God will very clearly speak to me regarding my next moves and I won't like what I hear. Or I'll be scared to do what He asks. Or. Or. Or. 

4. I think I want to see the Avengers again. Scratch that. I know I want to see it again.

5. Drew just phoned me from the truck in the driveway and told me to come outside. He took me for a ride around the block to show me the super moon. I am so glad I'm a mom.

6. I thought I had way more on my mind than this. 

7. Thinking about my dad just makes me sad. 

8. I'm still sneezing. Drew says he didn't sneeze at all, so I can't blame this cold on him. 

9. A few friends and I went looking for some tulip fields this afternoon and ended up at Harrison Lake with the rest of the lower mainland. I kinda love it there. SO many good, good memories. 

10. I am determined to NOT change the title. Therefore this is the tenth thing on my mind: I will pack my Book Club May selection book (Age of Innocence) plus one other 'fun' read, in addition to my Bible, prayer journal, 'Power of a Praying Parent' manual and a book on Prayer. I'll pack my camera. And laptop. I will not play Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble or Words with Friends while I'm away. And I will ponder the question that Steve's spiritual adviser asked him to think about (which coincidentally Maureen suggested as well): "How is God trying to show you He loves you in the midst of all that is going on?" 

I am going to recognize that I am at a crossroads in my life and that my mind and body are tired. 

I am going to accept this unexpected retreat opportunity as a gift from God through some wonderful strangers. 

I am going to be in bed by midnight. 

I am not bringing my bathing suit. I don`t care how warm the hot tub is. 


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I really don't mind sneezing. (It's the other cold symptoms that suck.)

2. Super moons. 

3. Sunny days. 


I took a few pics today.

Those mountains? We take them for granted sometimes, I think. 

Today? We were spellbound.

We couldn't stop looking at it.
Mt Cheam.

Tulips are just at the end of their season.
This? Has got to be one of my favorite cut flowers. 

Harrison Lake is sooo blue. It's totally not that bright in the winter when we usually go. 

K. Goodnight.
I'm completely plugged up now. The cold has settled into my nose quite nicely.


Tricia said...

Those mountains are gorgeous!

Kim N. said...

I will be praying for you as you go on your little adventure with God, Jane. Whatever else He says to you, He has already said "Come away with Me!" in the form of the invitation itself. What a privilege. Go and rest with the One who loves you best.

Jane said...

Tricia? I was totally thinking of you when I was taking the mountain pics, wondering if your end of the continent has them too...

And Kim? Thanks. You have a way with words. Why don't you blog? Or write more?