Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Day

Faye has a daughter graduating this year too! I got to take pics of her and her sisters. It didn't rain. No one stole anything I own. No one fell facefirst onto the floor with his wheelchair on top of him. It has been a fine, fine day.


Photos from my memory card:

These dolls share my room (at my mom's house) with me:

My room is very feminine:

This is what I'm driving these days. Gonna pick myself up a cowboy:
(This was my dad's truck)

Have I mentioned how much I love taking grad photos?

More pics of Michaela are here.


It was a fine day.

Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. It did not rain as forecasted til AFTER the grad pics were taken. Yay.
2. Slowly but predictably, things are getting checked off my endless lists. Thanks, H, for letting me use your fax machine this afternoon.
3. Friends who are helping me get my house ready for market.
4. Plans for a fun day tomorrow.
5. Parents who share their things (like their home and truck) with me.


1 comment:

Kathy said...


I rarely comment, but frequently read your blog. It's encouraging to me that you love BOOKS so much as my husband and myself own a bookstore and we love them too of course.

I just caught up on your recent posts - oh rats so much tough stuff going down! I wonder how much change you're up for. Say new town, Abbotsford, maybe a new job at House of James? Ya never know... I love that you are smart, always learning, reading, positive and real. Your faith feels authentic it your posts. Reading your blog makes me think you are our type of person. If you are curious, please give Lando a call at the store.

Kathy Klassen