Friday, March 22, 2013

And Thus Arrives the End of Work Related Stories

The VP of Donor Relations and the HR Manager are both my Facebook friends now. It's only a matter of time before I post another link from facebook to this blog, so I can't have any work stories on here.

Back to snippets about my kids, my parents, and the rodents that share this plot of dirt with me.
It'll be fascinating. Make sure you come back often.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Old sweatpants
2. Truck with a full tank of gas.
3. A sister who cuts my hair with no appointment
4. Music
5. People who write books.

I'm reading the book Love Does by Bob Goff. I love this:

"Doug must have pumped up his (pellet) gun twenty times or more, because I fell to my knees, looked down, and there was a hole and some blood where the pellet went through my shirt and inside of me. We were both pretty surprised and wonderfully amazed at the same time. We had just become one of those stories you hear about. Doug prayed for me and told me not to walk toward the light. I told Doug he could have my bicycle if I didn't make it. We put gum and leaves over the hole to stop the bleeding and made our way back to Doug's bedroom. We splashed some Scope mouthwash on the hole to clean it, then dug in with tweezers and got the pellet out. He awarded me a purple heart, I gave him a sniper medal, and we vowed to go back and shoot each other as often as we could."

Doug was the person who ended up introducing Bob to Jesus. And he has this to say, "I liked that Doug could be friends with Jesus and still shoot pellet guns. I didn't think that was allowed, but apparently it was."



Tricia said...

I think you should start a top secret blog.

Kim N. said...

Well, for the record, since you've been sharing about your job, I have only increased in respect for your employer. But, I get it. But no stories about skulking possums - they creep me out.