Monday, May 27, 2013

Memories (#1)

My house done sold today and I've got 39 days to pack up and ship out.
From now til then, I'll be posting some favorite memories of this place, randomly, daily, in no particular order of preference.

First one.
We used to have a ping pong table in the front entrance:



and the boys (Clint and his friends) would play Sting Ball on it. Drew would watch and wish he could play too.
(As you know, Sting Ball is best played topless. When you miss a turn, the other player gets to whack the ball at your back. Where it STINGS. And leaves a round welt.)

Even after all these years, and with all the experience I have - I will never understand boys.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This blog. Going to be easy to find a memory a day for the next 39 days. They're all recorded here.
2. Drew's car is sold. (The one that's been in the garage for 2 years.) Sad that it won't be his project car. Happy that it, and all the pieces will be sold before I move.
3. Friends who have boxes.


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