Friday, April 4, 2014


Hey you. You in Terrance. And you in Queen Creek, Arizona. And you in Los Angeles, California. And you  in Michigan. And in Joliet. And Gulf Breeze... thanks for popping by. I'm pretty sure you got here by accident. But just in case you come back, welcome.

I saw the words you googled to get here, and I hope you weren't disappointed once you'd arrived:

words on a wedding cake
bible verses to stop coughing
happy month pix
mark wahlberg forehead
pix'n prose
prose of landslide
shorties with tigh but sticking out

I'm wondering, are there bible verses to stop coughing? 

And Mark Wahlberg's forehead? Those words got you to this blog?

I love the last one; shorties with tigh(t) but(t) sticking out. 

Hahaha. I can't even.

Back in the olden days when I started blogging, there was only, like, a dozen blogs on the internet. And back then, there was this thing called "Delurking Week", where blog readers were encouraged to post a comment in the comment section and say,"Hi. I'm here." I used to love delurking week. One year Tricia and I delurked. We're still cyber-friends, 6 years later. And one year September delurked. (September, do you still read this? When my laptop got stolen, my link to your blog was stolen with it... delurk again, OK? So I can keep in touch...)

All that to say, I think it's time for a delurking. 
Leave a comment. Or drop me an email:
Who are you? What's your favorite ice cream/gelato flavor?

CUMMON. It'll be funnnnn.


Other things I'm thankful for right now....

1. A solidly fun week so far. 
2. A great weekend ahead.
3. An unexpected walk in the rain tonight. ("Auntie Jane? Want to come with me?" HECK YEAH.)
4. I like salads.
5. Thankful for the memories re: years of watching David Letterman. He announced his retirement today. At 67:

6. Some really great conversations.
7. The relationship my boys have with each other.
8. Peanut Butter
9. Opportunity to pray for peeps. 
10. This bed. I really like this bed.

Oh, and by the way, if you read my blog before noon last Tuesday you will have read about the condo I bought downtown. Some of you knew that was an April Fool's prank because you clicked the link. (The link that said, "It's April 1. April Fool's Day.") Others of you, on the other hand, DON'T CLICK LINKS? (Why do I bother adding them then?) And are probably STILL thinking that I'm moving into a high rise in Vancouver. I am not. And all written evidence was removed from that post at noon on the 1st, because, by law, that's when pranking must cease.

So, yes. I am still in the basement. Yes, my life is still in boxes. And yes, I will start thinking about/investigating my options again. OK bye. 


Tricia said...

Yep,I'm still here. It's funny you mentioned delinking, because I was just thinking about it yesterday, and found my delurking photo on my blog.

Tricia said...

January 2007 is when you die lurked....time flies, and we still haven't met IRL!

Constance said...

Hello Jane! I'm sure I don't have to be de-lurked. But just to be sure, here I am saying hello. I check your blog right up there with my girlies. You are my go-to girl when I need a connection of someone my age. {pretty often :)}

Thank you for writing Jane.

Deb said...

Hi Jane,
I have been reading your blog since at least 2007. I don't remember how I found it but I'm glad I did. I always find something humorous, inspirational or informative and more here. From here I also found Tricia's blog and also try to read it daily. Gelato? It's all good!

Deb from Langley