Sunday, May 4, 2014

Currently : April 2014 (Really)

Things I am:

Obsessing over,

Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about,

1. Things I am obsessing over:

OK. So what's the difference between an obsession, and say, something you're passionate about? Because I'm tired of calling it an obsession, which is full of negative connotations, and would like to, instead, suggest that I am passionate about learning. Learning about other cultures. Well, OK, one other culture. 

That passion is not waning. Still as strong as ever. Despite my best (OK, maybe not my besssst....) efforts to 'just stop already' during Lent. 

So there you have it. Unless something/someone from Brazil or Ghana captures my attention, my eyes will remain focused on Northern England. 

Also, becoming passionate about Twitter. And how it works. Not 'how to tweet', but how to use that social media platform to push an agenda. So far I've only seen it used for evil. Hoping to discover that others are using it for good. 

2. I am working on:

  • At work? I'm working on filing. And recycling. 50 pounds of paper products WILL be dealt with before the weekend.
  • I am also working on (at work) a system for handing budget/quote requests which are going to bombard me in the next 3 months.
  • And I'm learning a new PO (Purchase Order) procedure. 
  • And I'm making binders. One for buckslips. One for mail packages. One for IMFC reports. One for product flyers. 
  • And I'm putting the final pieces in place so that I understand my budget. 
  • In my other life? The one outside work? I am working on: dealing with the box full of papers that have accumulated these past 9 months. 
  • And getting rid of clothes that are ugly. Ugly on the hanger and unflattering on me. I'll be left with a pair of black pants and 2 expensive lacy bras. 
  • Also working on adding sit ups to my life. If I can add 10 hours of walking to my week, I should be able to add 3, 2 an hour of sit ups.
3. I am thinking about:
  • things. Like, material things. And how owning them means you have to look after them. And that almost always means time and money. So when you buy something, you have to think about your long term commitment to that thing. And how much it will continue to cost. 
  • I am thinking about families. And how complicated they are for some people. And how simple for others. And how a person really can't just leave it to chance. You've got to have some tools in your tool box for how to repair the broken bits. Because there will be broken bits.
  • (Speaking of families, go see this: (May 6 in the States, May 7 in Canada)

  • And speaking of families, I came across this today. On twitter. From Rainn Wilson (Dwight on The Office) He and his son have this thing called Soul Pancake... and one of their projects is this video series called The Father Project. This is a series that looks at what it means to be a father today and the role our dads played in our lives ...

He's on a quest to find out what it means to be a good father. Google "The Father Project Soul Pancake" and watch the whole series. This is the one I just watched this evening:

Inspiring, no?

I am addicted to  a fan of his Facebook page. And I love this talk he gave to students in Dublin, Ireland. I would love his life. I think. I have a better voice than he does though. (Well, mine is lower, at least.)

4. I am anticipating:
  • a road trip to Seattle
  • a wedding
  • a couple birthday celebrations
  • more hiking adventures
  • a haircut 
  • getting my truck back from Drew. 

5. I am eating:
  • Nothing right this second. Or for the past 100 seconds.
  • But earlier this evening, I had a late dinner of a turkey and avocado sandwich with a few bites of leftover smoked salmon. Dessert was a slice of Smartie Treatza Pizza. That would be my 7th dinner in a row that contained left over turkey. And I'm not sick of it yet. #boringeater

This much was finished on April 30. And then it was 1:30 am so I quit. 

It's now 1: 20 am on May 1. AND I don't have time to add anything. When oh when will April's Currently be done? I am a sloth. 

Getting back to this now: Sunday April 4.

Some of the things I was anticipating have already come to pass - that's just how current this is. 

And now, funnily enough, even though I've already posted my answer regarding what I'm thinking about - I HAVE MORE THINGS THAT I'M THINKING ABOUT. I know, right. How many things can a person possibly think about. 

So. Bonus Material: 

3. I am thinking about:

  • Evil. I saw Walking with the Enemy last night (about the Hungarian Jews in 1944). What the Nazi's did during the second world war to the Jews was pure evil. (And, not in the movie, but also on my mind due to the conversation the movie sparked, is what Stalin did to his OWN people during that same time. And how Japan handled their prisoners-of-war. And it just goes on and on ... right on up to what the kidnappers have done to those 223 school girls in Nigeria recently.) So Much Hatred. So Much Pain. So Much Corruption. So Much Evil. God must be awfully sad by the way we, His creation, have chosen to live. Some people chose to do bad things. 
  • I am also thinking about love. I found this post in my Draft file (thoughts that never got fully sorted) and it's been on my mind:

  • the idea/truth that everyone receives and gives love uniquely. And if you want to love someone well, you need to ask them how they want to be loved. Ask them what you can do to show them you love them. Maybe don't assume you know. (I was chatting with a friend about this very topic this week, and she had said that "words" mean nothing to her. And after 30-something years of marriage, her husband has figured out a way to say "I love you" without words. She is not a morning person, but for the past few years, her job requires her to be out of the house by 6:30 am. She hates it every day. Her husband doesn't have to get up til much later, but he wakes up 10 minutes earlier than her to get a coffee (and warmed up creamer), her vitamin and half a banana ready for her. And every single morning she feels loved. Treasured. Like a princess.) (For the record, she got up early to make him a bagged lunch every morning for years and years when they first were married. NOT HAVING A CLUE that 30 years later he would reciprocate.) YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. If love-giving feels lopsided, don't give up. Just keep on loving....

  • The tricky part of that (asking someone how you can best love them) is that once you ask, and once they tell you, you know. And then, well, you kinda have to do it. So, if they say, for example, "you can show you love me by doing the dishes in the evening so that I can have some 'me' time" or "I would fee loved if I woke up to a fresh cup of coffee... " or "I'd feel loved if you'd make something for me, (instead of buying something for me), like a poem, or a cake, or a playlist, or a macaroni necklace, or a card" or "help me make supper/keep me company while I'm in the kitchen" or "quit your job" or "find a TV show that we can call 'ours' -and then set aside time so we can watch it together" or "talk to me, everyday" or "hold hands with me" or "plan a fun thing to do once a month", or "sext me" or "dance with me in the rain", or "stand outside my bedroom window in a trench coat holding a boom box over your head playing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel". (OK, that last one might be something that just I'd like.) The trouble with knowing, is that you pretty much have to do those things. And these might will probably be things that you don't want to do. 

  • And the thing about asking someone how you can best love them, and them answering... is that you can't get all defensive/annoyed about the list. This is what their heart is longing for. It's simple. It's not a judgement of all your deficiencies. It's not a statement about your terribleness as a partner. It's just an answer to your question. 

  • And, this 'loving people well' stuff, isn't just for spouses. It could be other relationships as well. Like, for instance... my kids. How can I show them that I love them? Because I have a feeling that the way I intuitively show love isn't necessarily how they want to receive demonstrations of affection. Or, say, my mom. What would say, "I love you" to her? (I asked her tonight. And for her it's about the coffee. I remember as a young girl, her asking, every evening from the living room, after supper, while I was doing dishes, to bring her a coffee and a chocolate cookie. Years later, we worked together at the store, and she would call out, from her desk, whenever someone (I, or a staff member) walked by, if we could bring her a coffee. And tonight, when I asked her what her love language was, she said, "not words. I would've loved if your dad would have brought me a cup of coffee in the mornings, and given me a chocolate bar in the evenings.") Starbucks may be on to something here... coffee seems to be a love language for a whole lot of people.

  • Personally I do not understand this whole coffee thing. For the record, for me, it will never be about a hot beverage. Ever. Which is probably why I'm not married. Twould be easier if it were as simple as a cup of coffee. Oh no, I want the whole boom box on the lawn on a misty morning with the white puffy shirt thing. Dramatic acts of affection that border on silliness and have the potential to be incredibly embarrassing. THAT or hold my hand. 

So. That's what I'm thinking about.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Currently format. This is one heckofa long post. Anyone still reading?

6. I am praying for:
  • Oh, you know. The usual. Kids. Kids's friends. Parents. Parent's friends. Friends. Friends' Kids.
  • The movies; Irreplaceable. And Walking the the Enemy. (GO SEE IRREPLACEABLE THIS TUESDAY IN THE STATES, WEDNESDAY IN CANADA.) (Please.) 
  • Upcoming weddings. 
  • Folks struggling with depression.
  • Folks struggling in their marriages.
  • Folks needing new jobs.
  • Folks who need a way out of their current situations.
  • Folks who need help with addictions.
  • Folks who've been running from God.
  • The people in Brazil who'll be affected by the World Cup crowds who swarm their cities. 
  • The 223 school girls who were kidnapped.
  • Praying for AA and NA meetings around the world.
  • Praying for a few actors, production studios, singers, writers, photographers ...
  • And praying against evil.
  • May His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.
7. I am reading:

It's a true story about a 52 year old divorced Anglican woman named Jane who wonders if she should become a nun. She makes the decision to explore the option mere minutes before her boyfriend proposes to her. (She's Canadian. He's British. I swear I didn't know this when I bought the book.)

8. I am happy about:
  • Today is May the Fourth (be with you)... Star Wars Day. Also, Danica's 20th birthday. Happy Birthday, sweets!  I've loved watching you mature into a self-assured, beautiful, talented, warm-hearted, Godly young woman. I admire the way you process information, are open to learning/instruction, think the best of people, are quick to forgive and seek His will for your life. And I'm thankful that you have a soft spot for my boy... :)

The Ofam is lucky you are a part of it.
Looking forward to celebrating with you this week. Love you...

9. I am wishing:
  • That we will have more days of sunshine than rain in May.
  • That those who are planning weddings will be at peace during this busy, chaotic, sometimes-not-fun season.
  • That my dad would settle in. 
  • That my mom would feel better. (She's got Strep Throat.)

OK. That's enough. THis has taken FAR too long already.
Til next month,


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