Tuesday, June 17, 2014


It wasn't supposed to rain.
So we zipped into Vancouver to go for a walk. 
(There's a real advantage to living at my mom's house. It's two minutes to the bridge. And 20 minutes to Vancouver. Or 25 to North Van. Or 7 minutes to Coquitlam. It's close to everything is what I'm saying.)

So we parked at Science World and walked to the Burrard St Bridge and back again. 
Oh my goodness.
Vancouver has got to be the prettiest city in the world. I'm not even exaggerating. (Which I've been known to do. But in this case; you can trust me. I've seen, like, 4 big cities in my life, so I'm a qualified critic.) They were big cities, quit mocking me. (London, New York, Montreal, Washington DC and LA are all big cities, yes?)

Anyway. See for yourself:

Pretty AND has a sense of humor...)

Hi. God?
It's me again. 
Same stuff mostly. 
You sure you want to hear it all again?

People I love are hurting. 
And I ache for them.
You probably do too.

We make such a mess of relationships, don't we?

Could You fill those who are in the midst of a muddle with peace? And wisdom? Could you protect them from despair and give them hope. Can You let them know that this wasn't a surprise to You, and that You can make something beautiful out of the pain and uncertainty? 

For those flailing, could You provide someone to walk alongside. A spokesperson of Your truth? Someone to comfort? And guide?

Could You intervene whether they've asked for it or not?

God, there are so many broken hearts. Please don't get tired of healing them. 

We make crappy decisions sometimes.
We need You.

Can You protect the ones I love from being tempted beyond what they can handle?
Show them a better way. Make it sexy, (this is a marketing term, not a physical term) so that they'll want to follow You. Maybe, could you eliminate some of the options? Especially the ones that have eternal implications...

God. I pray that You would put a hedge of protection around those who are struggling with relationship problems, addiction issues, and feelings of despair. Give them space away from the negative voices that surround them. And whisper words of hope.

God, for those who are just plain weary of their lives, I pray You would intervene and give them rest. Fill them with a deep, surprising sense of joy. And enough energy to do Your will. 

There are so many people I love that don't know You. 
Can You do something about that?
Tap them on the shoulders, maybe? Get their attention somehow? Maybe whisper? Maybe shout? Maybe woo them so hard they are gob-smacked upside the head? 

Could You do something outrageously personal so that they would know, without a doubt, that it was You who did that thing? Do something so undeniably divine, so incredible, that there couldn't be another explanation. 

Overwhelm them with a sense of being chosen by You.

And God? 
Where they just don't get it, could you provide them with a hand-picked friend, who will point them in Your direction. Someone who loves both You and them? Someone who will be a spokesperson of Your truth? Do you have those people in place already? Give me patience then while You're at work. 

For all the health concerns, pains, sicknesses and aging that is going on around me, I pray Your will be done. You have a plan for their lives, so I pray You will use their circumstances for Your purposes. And while You are working that out, I pray You would fill them with hope and give their care-givers wisdom and compassion. 

For those who are waiting for test results, I pray You would flood them with peace. 
You've got this. 
Whatever it is. 

God? Those girls who were kidnapped? You know where they are, right? 
Is Your hand of protection on them? Are they under Your care? 
You are a just and righteous God. I pray in the power of Jesus's Holy name that justice will be served, and that those girls be saved.

God. Move Your people. 

This World Cup thing in Brazil?
Has brought hundreds of thousand of people into already bursting-at-the-seams corrupt cities. Could you protect 'the least of these'? I pray for a miracle; that all the statistics of increases in sex trade activities would not come to pass. That those girls would be protected and there would be no market for prostitutes. I pray that the visitors to those Brazillian cities would be there for soccer and beaches and to get to know the people of Brazil. God, I pray the visitors would ADD to the economy, not diminish it by participating in illegal activities. 

Do you have your angels on guard? Could you send a few more? Could those cities be under your protection? I pray Your will be done while the world watches. 

And, for those who are frustrated with/or have no jobs, God? I pray You would give them wisdom and provide them with options. Show them what they're good at. Lead them to positions that are perfectly suited for the way You created them. Open up opportunities for them to use their gifts and talents in an environment of Your choosing. May they be able to support themselves doing something Your designed them for. May they have joy and satisfaction doing what You created them to do. 

I know that working is Your idea. 
And it was Your idea BEFORE Adam and Eve screwed up.

God, I pray we would work well. With integrity. And enthusiasm. And diligence. 

Guide us to work situations that You have hand-picked for us. 
Provide us with work companions of Your choosing. Ones who will mentor, challenge, teach and befriend us. Ones who will make the work-days fly by. Ones who will remind us who You are ...

I've been seeing a lot of movies lately. 
Thanks, God, for that industry. Thank you for making people who are good at writing, acting, directing, creating scores, doing stunts, sculpting special effects, editing, filming, marketing, producing... God I thank You for the teams it takes to entertain me. 

I pray for Your blessing on those projects that came from You. I pray for financial success, critical acclaim, and good relationships between cast and crew.

For those actors and studios on 'my' list, I pray for their next projects. Could you handpick and oversee all the details? Protect the filming process. Inspire the creatives. God, I pray they would learn from each other. I pray You would show up each day on the set, and that Your will be done.

God? Could you give those who are in leadership an extra large dose of Your wisdom. When they speak, could You fill them with words? I pray for our country. Protect and guide Harper... may He know Your will and be courageous enough to do it.

I pray for those in leadership in the organizations that are close to my heart: Focus, Langley Concrete, Max's Landscaping Co, Capitol Media, Kinsmen Lodge, The Door, IJM, Stillwood, Arrow ...

And for the churches in my area, I pray that You would be at work in them in a mighty way. Give those leaders sensitivity to Your leading and strength to follow through. Prepare those churches for an influx of visitors as people respond to Your invitation. Westside. 10th Ave. The Village. Northview.

And God, I pray for my family. 
Stay by my dad's side so he won't be lonely.
Strengthen and encourage my mom when she gets weary.
Direct and guide my boys' paths as they figure out their next steps. 
I pray Your protection on my (future) daughter-in-laws. Prepare them, strengthen them, love them. May they all know You. 
I pray God for my (eventual) grandchildren. May they all know and love you.


Things I am Thankful For:

1. Beautiful evenings. And friends to share them.

2. Cities. Especially Vancouver. But cities in general. Thank you.

3. Evenings. Thank you for the end-of-day change of pace. 

4. Thank you for my family. 
Thank you for Clint and his questioning, analytical mind. I pray You would give Him the answers that He seeks. Thank you for the gifts you have given him. May he be most satisfied when he uses them as You intended.

Thank you for Max and his warm, friendly personality. I pray You would continue to provide him with opportunities to express the gifts You've blessed him with. Give him a glimpse of the plan You have for his life. May it feel like a perfect fit right at the get-go.

Thank you for Drew and his great desire to succeed in business. Provide him with mentors and peers who will support and guide him on his journey. Give him the wisdom to assemble a group of advisors and friends who You have handpicked. May Your will be done in his life. 

5. I am thankful for my camera.

6. For the groceries I have in the fridge.

7. For the friends I have. And for the ones I haven't met yet.

8. For the sunny day that is forecast for Saturday. 

9. For this corner of the world. 

10. For the color pink.

11. For the ocean. For all oceans. Especially mine. And pretty turquoise ones.

12. For salt. 

13. I am thankful for praying friends who love my kids enough to stand beside me in prayer. 

14. I am thankful for all the folks who visit my dad.

15. I am thankful that Brenda's tumor has shrunk by 26%. Yay God.

16. I am thankful that people write books. And that I am friends with people who like to read them.

17. I am thankful that I don't have to see movies alone. 

18. I am thankful for late night walks with Mandi.

19. The moon. I friggen love the moon.


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Deb said...

I'm thankful for your camera too. Your photos in this post are exceptionally beautiful.