Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekend that Was

Friday Night:

Straight from work to CLA for the Fundy Grad Ceremonies. I was there to photograph Emma:

as she hugged and posed with her friends:

and then I went over to their place to celebrate with her family:

and to watch the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Yay, Kings!

On Saturday afternoon, Maureen and I walked around New West, looking at parks and gardens in her old neighbourhood, (which also happens to be Max's current neighbourhood) (how cool is that?),

And then we ate dinner at the Westminster Quay in a funky rice infusion place before heading over to North Van to see Belle:

which was playing in a theatre right next to the Park and Tilford Gardens. So we had a look:

When I got home, I could see that Danica was over, visiting Mandi, so I popped upstairs to chat. For a few minutes or 60. Great end to a solid day.

Was Father's Day.

So I visited my dad:

He: I just don't know.
Me: You don't?
He: Nope. (Shrugs)
Me: That's OK. I know enough for both of us.
He: (Shrugs)
Me: Hey, wanna go for a spin around this joint? I'll push. You can sit.
He: Shrugs.
Me: (Pushing him around the building. Him being quiet.) You're not talking much, dad.
He: Shrugs
Me: What's up?
He: I just really wish I could be in my bed.
Me: I know. After supper, OK?
He: OK.

After supper (so to speak) (3 cups of pink thickened something) and some choking (brand new nurse, didn't read his chart, got his meds delivery all wrong) we went to his room to watch Witness with Harrison Ford.

He: Can you put me to bed?
Me: Sorry dad, I can't. But I'll see if two of the nurses can give us a hand.
He: Last time I saw Herb Brandt it was at Ruth's funeral. We stayed out til midnight that night.
Me: What are you? A party animal?
He: Hank says to me, "Klassen, you're something else...."
Me: He's got that right. You are something else.
He: Mark and I were at Clint and Max's baptisms.
Me: You were.
He: I wore my grey suit.
Me: Yup, you did. And you looked very handsome.
He: Does Drew live with Mark?
Me: Yup.
He: And Max lives in New West?
Me: Uh huh.
He: We brought some soup to Clint in Vancouver once.
Me: We did. You remember that?
He: Schulzie was here to see me.
Me: That was nice.
He: Dora too. Did you get a good price for your house?
Me: Good enough.
He: Because you live at our place now, don't you?
Me: I do.
He: And we don't charge you anything.
Me: (Laughing) No you don't. I'm a no-good free-loader loser-daughter.
He: And you drive my truck?
Me: Uh yeah. Is that still OK with you?
He: Yes. It's a gas guzzler though.
Me: It is.
He: Where's your truck?
Me: Drew's been driving it. He doesn't have a vehicle.
He: Can't Mark help him?
Me: I guess not.
He: Butch Penner is dead. So is George.
Me: Not dead. They're in heaven. Waiting for you.
He: I'm not sick. I'm not going to die.
Me: That I know.

After that, mom and I went out for a quick bite and then to a movie. (Yes, if you're keeping track, that's 5 movies in 8 days.) (Also, in case you're wondering, my total cost has been $9.75. I've used free passes, gift cards and twice the movies were paid for by the other person, as a birthday gift.) (Jus sayin'.)

I did my grocery shopping after that.
Just as I was finishing up a load of laundry and putting the last of the food in the fridge, Mandi came down and asked if I wanted to go for a walk.

So at 11 pm, her and I wandered around the neighbourhood for over an hour.

Some weekends?
Are just excellent.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The people in my life.
2. Knowing that God is at work even if I can't see it.
3. Having a mom and dad who love me.


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