Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You're welcome, Entertainment Industry

I am supporting the film industry with gusto this month.
Saw two movies in two days.

The Grand Seduction:

Which I loved and recommend to anyone my age.
It has Brendan Gleeson in it, and I just watched him in Edge of Tomorrow, which was cool.

And it also has Taylor Kitsch in it, and he's the cute guy from Friday Night Lights, so, that was unexpected. Kind of like seeing an old friend again. (If you'll remember, my mom and I watched al 5 seasons of FNL this winter.)

It was the perfect movie to just enjoy. Not all angsty or special-effectsy, or tear jerky. Just a good story, acted well, SET IN NEWFOUNDLAND. And the take-away for me... is that no matter how hard the truth is to hear - it's always better than being lied to. And once you know the truth, you can make an informed decision.

And then tonight I saw X-Men:

I love 'back in time' (time travel type) flicks.
And I've loved the X-Men movies since they started years ago, and this one did not disappoint. It helps that I'm a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy. And seeing Hugh Jackman's bare bum at the beginning was lovely too.

My take-aways from this movie? Even though someone stumbles, it doesn't mean they've lost their way. Have patience.
And if you're doing your best? That's good enough.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I went for a walk tonight after I got home (so, 10:30-ish) and it wasn't raining, so I walked for half an hour. It smelled awesome. The moon was out. I felt totally safe. These are all good things.

2. I'm thankful for demonstrations of love. This one kinda touched me:

3. I'm thankful for newly discovered blogs. Like this one.

She writes about having sex with her husband every 72 hours
and discovering that her husband was a drug addict.

K. That's it fer now,

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I love her blog! Thanks for sharing it .