Tuesday, August 5, 2014


(Started this post on Sat Aug 2.)

It's been 3 months since I last had my eyebrows threaded.
I went into a shop run by three Indian women, and after one had finished my brows, all three of them openly discussed my face amongst themselves.
"Hmmm. Upper lip... "
"Hair is very long on cheeks. Threading will be very painful."
"But what about under her chin. Have you seen that? Waxing? Laser?"
... and so on.

Then the leader of the pack turned to me and said I should get my whole face done. Basically from my collar bones to my forehead.

I paid for the eyebrow shaping and left.
Maybe another day.


I stopped in to see Maxine this afternoon. Her garden is spectacular.

One of her great joys?
Is gardening.

She just glows when she talks about time spent pulling weeds.

Apparently hummingbirds LOVE this plant (below):

I met John and Val at the Garrison Bistro for supper.
You must eat here. It is incredibly awesome.
Best Patio ever.

And the food?
Very good.
Awesomely good.

I went back to their place afterwards.
To check out their garden.

I wonder when I'll love gardening?

Sunday was Day 2 of the Lindell Beach Regatta:

Is the Water Balloon toss:

And this?
Is the Egg Toss:

And then Max and Drew came up...

...while this was being set up on the beach:

And after supper on the deck -


On the beach.


We sat back on the deck and enjoyed the show.

Twas a good day...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Colour. Creativity.

2. Laughter. Sunshine.

3. Kids. This place.


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Tricia said...

I want to love gardening, I love plants. My youngest brother picks up dead plants from the side of the road, that homeowners have tossed, plants them and they flourish. I'm certain he was the recipient of all the green thumb genes, as I am the killer of plants.