Saturday, March 7, 2015

So. My Dad.

Today. the emergency doctor introduced my dad to an intern as a "Man of Iron", and recommended he study my dad's charts as an primer in Recovery From Life-Threatening Medical Situations.

"It's so hard to make any predictions where Pete is concerned. We've gotten it wrong every single time in the past....

But, that said; he will not recover from this."

His lungs and legs are filling with fluid and our main concern is to keep him comfortable.

This morning?
No one was sure he would make it through til the end of the day.

By the time we'd all gathered, he was feeling better, alert, and twinkly eyed.
When we left the hospital, the doctor told us he'd issued a one month prescription for some strong diuretics.  One month? We'd gone from, 'a few hours' to '30 days'.  Haha. OH dad. You are keeping us on our toes.

Regardless of his Super Power for Staying Alive, (he has been against the concept of dying for as long as I've known him) we are anticipating saying goodbye soon. Ish.

Our hearts are breaking, but we're trusting in God's perfect timing, and His perfect plan.

If you're the praying type, thanks for chatting to God about him.


He loved us well:


Unknown said...

I love him.

Anonymous said...

Remember those days well, and still "remember" him in our daily chats with our mutual Heavenly Father.

Unknown said...

Love you, Janey. <3